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Brownfield Services & Vapor Intrusion

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Privately-Funded Brownfield Redevelopment

Our environmental professionals specialize in assessment and cleanup of contaminated properties. We have served private and municipal clients on more than $750,000,000 in remediated and redeveloped Brownfield properties and are recognized in the region as one of the premier Brownfield consulting firms. We understand the perspectives of lenders, owners, developers, sellers, and community stakeholders. Applying these perspectives, we can navigate your project through the Brownfield regulatory process in a way that results in the greatest value for you and on the timeline you need. Our expertise has resulted in millions saved by our clients in their Brownfield redevelopment efforts.

Brownfield services we offer include:

  • Due Diligence / Phase I & II Assessment
  • Asbestos, mold, lead paint, wetland, and vapor intrusion evaluations
  • Comparison of Brownfield program options versus other regulatory options
  • Brownfield Eligibility Submittals
  • Negotiation of Technical Terms in Brownfield Agreements
  • Collaborative Corrective Action Planning
  • Brownfield Cleanup
  • Annual Monitoring and Institutional Control Filings


Grant-Funded Brownfield Redevelopment

Our experience also includes extensive Brownfield assessment and cleanup within EPA’s Brownfield Grant Program. We have managed EPA assessment, cleanup, and revolving loan funding grants for more than 20 grants, totaling more than $10,000,000 in grant funds on behalf of the cities, towns, counties, and government agencies we have served. Please contact us if we can help you managee and execute your assessment, cleanup, and revolving loan fund grant efforts.


Vapor Intrusion Assessment

We understand the importance of vapor intrusion assessment and are well-versed in the complexity of vapor intrusion matters. We have conducted vapor intrusion investigations and developed mitigation strategies for over 80 sites. Our vapor intrusion experience includes:

  • Vapor intrusion field-screening surveys
  • Subsurface soil gas, sub-slab vapor, crawl space air, and indoor air sampling
  • Risk assessment, data evaluations, and Johnson and Ettinger modeling
  • Design and installation of active and passive sub-slab venting systems
  • Operation, maintenance, and monitoring of a large vapor mitigation system
  • Installation of vapor detection instrumentation
  • Inspection of vapor barrier and venting system installation


Methane Assessment

Methane is a potentially explosive gas which can be an environmental concern at landfill sites and Brownfields Sites. H&H has extensive experience with methane at Brownfields sites that sets us apart from many other consultants that mostly have municipal landfill-related methane expertise. Methane at Brownfields sites may originate from historical filling activities, historically solid waste landfilling activities, injection of substrates that enhance reductive dechlorination, and other means. Many Brownfield sites do not exhibit methane levels or pressures that are similar to municipal solid waste landfills and such information is of key importance. Our methane project experience includes: warning system evaluation and design, installation oversight, and monitoring/testing; mitigation system design, installation oversight, and effectiveness testing; and existing warning and mitigation systems operation and maintenance (O&M).


Brownfield Services & Vapor Intrusion Projects

When it comes to environmental solutions, we dig deep for the best answers for your specific project needs. To see our services in action, learn more about our work by exploring one of our many projects.

Additional Environmental Solution Services

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