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About Hart & Hickman

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About Hart & Hickman

Our mission is to provide unrivaled environmental consulting expertise in order to foster enduring, mutually-beneficial partnerships with our clients, all with a value and responsiveness that is beyond what can be found elsewhere. It is through these partnerships that we provide Smarter Environmental Solutions – expertise and innovation custom-fit to our clients’ project-specific needs, backed by expert senior review.

The Inspiration Behind Hart & Hickman

Our founders established the firm in order to develop an empowered and motivated team, providing Smarter Environmental Solutions for our clients and improving the communities in which we work.

Our Standards

To deliver on this outcome, we are committed to:

Building mutually-beneficial, enduring relationships
Passionately challenging one another in pursuit of the best answer
Developing and rewarding exceptional performance
We collectively strive to sustain these commitments by consistently demonstrating the following behaviors and characteristics:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Humility
  • Modeling healthy debate
  • Beng approachable
  • Providing clear expectations
  • Sacrificing/offering time
  • Making ourselves available
  • Patience
  • Being complementary