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PFAS Investigation and Risk Management

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PFAS Investigation and Risk Management

Per-and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of synthetic organofluorine compounds numbering in the thousands with diverse structures and properties which have been manufactured and used since approximately the 1950s.  PFAS are generally useful because of their water, oil, and stain resistance, chemical and thermal stability, and/or friction reducing properties, and have been used in the manufacturing of a wide range of common consumer, commercial, and industrial products.  Due to their widespread production and use for over 50 years, as well as their ability to move and persist in the environment, PFAS are an emerging contaminant of concern.

PFAS investigation and risk management are technically challenging due to numerous potential sources, rapidly evolving science, and limited regulatory guidance.  These technical challenges can lead to complex legal issues and uncertainties in project outcomes.  As such, it is crucial that knowledgeable environmental professionals guide investigation and risk management activities.  H&H’s environmental professionals specialize in PFAS sampling, thoughtful investigation, insightful data evaluation, and strategic management of PFAS contaminated sites. Our knowledge of current PFAS research and evolving regulatory guidance combined with our PFAS-sampling expertise allow us to cost-effectively evaluate sites potentially impacted by PFAS and provide our clients with smarter environmental solutions.

PFAS investigation and risk management services we offer include:

  • Due Diligence / Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Expert testimony
  • Characterization of soil, groundwater, geologic and hydrogeologic evaluations
  • Stream, surface water, and sediment assessment
  • Water supply well sampling and alternate water supply
  • Remedial alternatives evaluations
  • Receptor surveys and risk assessments
  • Landfill leachate sampling
  • Landfill compliance monitoring


PFAS Investigation and Risk Management Projects

When it comes to environmental solutions, we dig deep for the best answers for your specific project needs. To see our services in action, learn more about our work by exploring one of our many projects.

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