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Environmental Litigation Support

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Environmental Litigation Support

Our senior staff provides litigation support surrounding a range of hydrogeologic conditions and compounds including chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, gasoline additives, pesticides, herbicides, nutrients, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), and metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury.

Our technical evaluation may include:

  • Technical research, data compilation, and interpretation
  • Fate and transport of compounds in the environment
  • Hydrogeologic and geologic evaluation
  • Source identification and release timing
  • Remediation methods and costs
  • Receptor and risk evaluations
  • Peer review and standard of care
  • Affidavit preparation and expert testimony in deposition and court

Environmental Litigation Support Projects

When it comes to environmental solutions, we dig deep for the best answers for your specific project needs. To see our services in action, learn more about our work by exploring one of our many projects.

Additional Environmental Solution Services

Taking on an even bigger project? If you’re interested in our other environmental solutions for the Southeast US and beyond, explore our services below.