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Award-Winning Brownfield Redevelopment

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Project Description

Hart & Hickman worked with regionally-recognized developer Crosland Group to address multiple environmental issues resulting from more than 100 years of operation at the historic Alpha Mill, which later operated as an industrial engraver.  Site impacts included polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from coal by-products, chlorinated solvents, and hexavalent chromium. The former mill site is located at the edge of an economically depressed area on 12th Street in Charlotte, and Crosland invested $21,000,000 in the landmark project. 

Hart & Hickman conducted extensive assessment and remediation to prepare the site for redevelopment and worked closely with Land Design to minimize the remediation costs while ensuring the solutions were protective of the future site occupants.  Innovative remedial solutions included construction of a sub-grade concrete cap in the vicinity of the former sub-grade chromium tanks, thereby allowing the historic structures to remain in place and landscaping to be safely planted.

The developer was committed to historic preservation at the site, and by innovatively integrating the remedial solutions into the site design, the project received the Adaptive Reuse Project of the Year Award.  Hart & Hickman is very pleased to have been an integral part of such a successful Brownfields revitalization project.