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Hart & Hickman is assisting the City of Rocky Mount, NC with the assessment and cleanup of its former MGP site. The site currently houses the City’s Fleet Maintenance Garage and Public Utilities Department; therefore, the site is a very busy location. Assessment and clean-up activities at this site required exceptional coordination with the City, including weekend and holiday work, to ensure successful completion of the project.
Hart & Hickman completed the site assessment, including characterization of soil and groundwater impacts and evaluation of the potential for vapor intrusion. The assessment was complicated by both on-site and off-site impacts from non-MGP sources, including chlorinated solvents and non-MGP petroleum products. H&H negotiated an acceptable assessment and cleanup between the DEQ ISHB and the UST Section regulatory bodies while essentially restricting the cleanup to the former MGP impacts for which the City is responsible. The approved selected remedy was source removal and application of oxygen-releasing compounds for enhanced natural degradation of groundwater contaminants followed by the establishment of Land Use Restrictions and long-term groundwater monitoring.

Hart & Hickman guided the City though the entire remedial process including preparation of the Bid Specifications, oversight of the bidding process for contracting the remedial contractor, and oversight of the site cleanup. Because of the busy nature of the site, the site source removal was initiated during the Christmas/New Year’s holidays while many City employees were on vacation. The cleanup task, which included the removal of over 10,000 tons of impacted soil, was completed in three weeks – on schedule and under budget.