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Project Description

Hart & Hickman conducted a CERCLA time-critical removal action at a former pentachlorophenol (PCP) blending facility. The primary compounds of concern were PCP and dioxins, which are a byproduct of the PCP manufacturing process. EPA had identified concentrations of PCP and dioxins in surface water and sediment adjacent to the site, and the purpose of the removal action was to remove the source(s) of the impacts. H&H conducted a review of historical activities, a stormwater sewer camera survey, and pre-removal action sampling to determine the source of the impacts. H&H then prepared a Removal Action Work Plan for EPA approval which included removal and repair of certain portions of the stormwater sewer, flushing the stormwater sewer system, and removal of impacted soil near the stormwater sewer. Working closely with EPA’s Environmental Response Team dioxin expert, H&H’s work plan included on-site treatment of the PCP and dioxin-impacted soil using a constructed on-site bioremediation treatment cell. This eliminated the need to transport dioxin-impacted waste off-site which would have been a considerable cost to the client. Results of post-excavation sampling indicated that the soil excavation activities achieved remedial goals, the treatment cell was effective in treating soil to remedial goals, and post-removal action stormwater and creek sampling indicated that the source of impacts to the creek had been eliminated.