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Seventy Dry-Cleaning Site Assessments

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Hart & Hickman has conducted site assessment activities at over 70 sites in a state dry-cleaning site clean-up program to investigate releases of dry-cleaning solvents. In addition to routine soil and groundwater sampling, assessment activities have included rapid assessment techniques using an on-site mobile laboratory, 3D-imaging using membrane interface probe (MIP), monitoring well installations using sonic drilling and standard drilling techniques, and geophysical logging to evaluate bedrock fracturing. Investigation-derived waste and remediation waste is managed under RCRA protocols.
Hart & Hickman has also conducted extensive vapor intrusion assessment activities and has installed sub-slab depressurization systems to mitigate vapor intrusion at multiple sites. In addition, H&H designed and implemented interim actions at several sites, including soil excavation, soil vapor extraction, free product recovery, and in-situ soil blending with chemical oxidant. H&H routinely conducts risk assessments to develop risk-based clean-up standards and evaluate options to achieve site closure.