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Steve Hart, PG, Principal and Co-Founder of H&H, has provided expert testimony on several complex PFAS projects, including sites where Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) was utilized and where multiple PFAS sources are present in areas of concern.  Our expert knowledge of hydrogeology and PFAS fate and transport are key to evaluating complex PFAS sites.  Understanding of the anthropogenic ambient “background” concentrations of PFAS in environmental media due to the widespread production and use of PFAS over several decades, the numerous known and potential sources of PFAS releases to the environment, and PFAS mobility and persistence in the environment are key to evaluating the source or sources of PFAS.  As part of the litigation efforts, H&H has conducted PFAS sampling as part of litigation discovery, evaluated complex hydrogeologic conditions, and developed site conceptual models to identify potential sources of PFAS.