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Dry Cleaner Vapor Intrusion Assessments

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Hart & Hickman has conducted vapor intrusion assessment activities at over 50 sites in a state dry-cleaning site clean-up program to investigate the potential for vapor intrusion associated with releases of dry-cleaning solvents. Activities have included subsurface soil gas, sub-slab vapor, crawlspace air, and indoor air sampling at commercial and residential properties using active and passive sampling methods. H&H has also conducted field screening surveys to evaluate vapor intrusion pathways (e.g., cracks, slab penetrations, expansion joints, etc.) and to evaluate sub-slab vapor distributions in an effort to identify potential source areas. At some sites, H&H has installed permanent soil vapor monitoring probes to allow evaluation of soil vapor concentrations over time. H&H also uses radon testing to determine site-specific attenuation factors between sub-slab and indoor air at sites with active dry-cleaning facilities. H&H incorporates the vapor intrusion assessment data into the site risk assessment to evaluate the exposure risk for current and future occupants. We have installed sub-slab depressurization systems at eight buildings to mitigate unacceptable vapor intrusion impacts.