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Hart & Hickman is currently conducting soil and groundwater assessment and corrective action at a former chemical manufacturing site impacted with chlorinated solvents, chlorobenzene, and benzene. A small pump and treat system installed by others was about to be expanded as a site-wide remedial alternative. H&H’s review indicated that soil source areas had not been characterized and therefore remediation would not be effective without addressing these areas. Further, geochemical characterization of the aquifer had not been conducted to characterize natural attenuation processes at the site and the potential impact that the pump and treat system would have on these processes. In addition, existing data indicated that natural attenuation processes were very active at the site. H&H subsequently conducted employee discussions and soil source area characterization which identified source areas for the groundwater impacts.
Hart & Hickman conducted additional groundwater assessment to identify and quantify natural attenuation processes at the site. After evaluating remedial alternatives a remedial strategy was devised consisting of soil source area remediation, in-situ enhancement of natural attenuation processes, and natural attenuation. Based upon successful pilot testing of enhanced bioremediation injections, H&H performed an expanded program of enhanced bioremediation injections in the unconsolidated and bedrock aquifers. Results of post-remediation monitoring indicate that there have been significant reductions in the magnitude and extent of compounds in groundwater, resulting in considerable cost savings to the client.