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To measure our success in serving our client’s needs, we survey our clients regularly through an independent survey firm which preserves the client’s anonymity if they choose, thereby assuring more open and honest feedback. Client testimonials provided here and throughout our website attest to our success in excelling in this management principle, as do the Client Satisfaction awards that Hart & Hickman has won routinely.

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Collaborative Team Member

- More than a Technical Consultant

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- They work with us to achieve our goals

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- Leader of the pack

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“I appreciate Hart & Hickman’s commitment to understanding our goals and remaining focused on quality services.”

- Commitment

“They are an integral part of the successful management of my contaminated sites, and successfully meeting my agency’s objectives.”

- Integral Team Member

“Hart & Hickman remains focused on understanding our situation and helping the City meet our goals.”

- Focus on Client Goals

“H&H is good at recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. They are good at what they do, but they also know when to refer me elsewhere so that I get the best advice.”

- Good Referrals to Other Resources

“H&H is currently one of the highest rated firms we have on contract. It is a pleasure to have H&H as part of our team.”

- Highest Rated Firm

“I think H&H does a great job compared to others in the market and I refer (or try to refer) clients to them frequently.”

- Beyond our Peers

“Hart & Hickman continues to be focused on meeting our needs and goals. I feel fortunate to have them as a provider of our environmental services.”

- Focused on Client's Goals

“H&H has, in a very timely manner, responded to all of my requests as a client. They clearly understand my goals and collaborate with me through clear communication (verbal and visual) to achieve my goals in an expedient, concise, and scientifically defensible manner.”

- Clear Communication

“Very professional firm with a great deal of talent. We have a great deal of trust in their ability to get the job done right every time.”

- Trust

“Hart Hickman has worked with our company for several years resolving very complicated and potentially costly issues. Their professionalism, competence and integrity are exceptional. Our company had an open line to the President of Hart Hickman and communication was frequent and fluid. We appreciate Hart Hickman’s work.”

- Integrity

“The firm seems to have a well-balanced team that truly works together in a team approach. This allows the firm to utilize the different strengths of its personnel in an effective manner.”

- Collaborative Staff

“Schedule is one of the strongest attributes of the firm. For clients with heavy project loads, the firm’s project managers serve as an ad hoc member of the client’s team.”

- Ad Hoc Team Member